Saturday, August 20, 2016

It's hot, but here's an Update.

So over the last few weeks I've decided it was essential that I drove the Mini this year so to that end I've really started focusing on my favorite green car. Of course this all comes as a distraction to dealing with the new (1964) home we bought last year and the slightly younger (1970) F250 that I bought to handle bigger hauling chores that the bigger property demands.

I got it kicked off a several weeks ago by finally cleaning up the radius arms and getting some paint on them. To be fair, after 40-odd years of life paint really seemed trivial to them, but I figured it was worth helping to maintain them for another 40.

So here's some progress.

Iron Oxide Primer!
After a good run with a couple of different wire brushes and plastic brushes I got them clean enough to paint. I then gave them a shot of black enamel which, yeah, isn't as good as chassis paint or even the hard core epoxy paints, but it's easy to apply and I can easily repair any scratches or chips with a $6 can of paint from the hardware store; should I be so inclined. Anyway, they look decent.

Ace Hardware (technically Rustoleum) Black Enamel
I then proceeded to install the bearings and bushings at which point I paused for a good few weeks while I figured out who I could get to do the necessary bushing reaming. In the end I found that the folks over at British Auto Works were the closest and easiest to work with so I took it over to them.

So with those finished and ready to go the weather decided to put a crimp in my plans and has been in the high 90's, low 100's for a little while. I can't deal with that kind of heat (I am from Oregon after all) so I have to wave off to cooler pastures.


I made a little, well-timed purchase from the nice folks over at Mini Mania to help motivate me further once this heat spell breaks.


Minilite 10x6's for the win!
Compared to the 10x5 Minitors there's really no contest in my personal opinion at least. These wheels are heading straight over to Skip's Wheel Werks for a new coat of paint, because I can't leave "well enough" alone. More on that later.

Last, but not least, I'd be embarrassed if I didn't send a huge thanks to Jeremy over at Jet Motors for a haul of extra parts to help with the get-back-on-the-road project including an bigger master cylinder, finned rear drums, Cooper S front disk brakes, those gnarly Advan A032Rs, and a host of other parts that I'd list if I could remember them all. I mean yeah, I have to pay him for this stuff, but I really do appreciate the advice.

Now I just need to figure out how big the flares are going to be and I think biggerer is going is likely going to be betterer. Heh.

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