Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pedro Makes Nice Racks.

UPDATE: I still love this rack, but sadly it seems Pedro has exited the business of making them. I hope he's doing well whatever he's up to now.

Last year Lori and my folks attended our first ever Concours d'Elegance in Forest Grove. If you've never gone I highly recommend it. I was absolutely staggered at the quantity, variety, and quality of automobiles on display. It instantly became a "must attend" event for our family.

This, however, is not what I wanted to talk about... well maybe just a bit more.

What caught my eye was a classic blue Saab that I'd seen before at the All British Field Meet at PIR. While I really liked the car he had a roof rack installed that really stood out. When asking about it the owner told me that Pedro of Pedro's Accessories – known for his high quality racks sold to the aircooled VW crowd – made it for him.

Nice Rack!

It wasn't until March of this year that I finally acted on the information and contacted Pedro. Pedro was pretty excited to take the project on although he did let me know that it would be his first time making a rack for this application. With him down in San Diego, CA and me up here in Oregon I was a little nervous about the process. Still, having looked at the available options for Mini racks I really, really wanted this style.

It should be noted that Pedro is an extremely patient man. He guided me through the process I'd need to take in order to provide the measurements. His guidance and encouragement here was helpful, but I was still worried. After all, the success of this endeavor hinged on my ability to make measurements and in that capacity I had little confidence. So with Lori's help we measured about 20 times for each position before averaging those together and sending them down to Pedro. These are the results.

Reference at Your Own Risk.

From there Pedro went to work and would email me progress pictures along the way. All of this led up to last week on Wednesday when a large package, addressed to me, arrived at the Greyhound Station in Salem (yeah, I didn't know they did shipments either).

What arrived was honestly everything I hoped for. A great, classic looking rack that is very sturdy and really well made. So enough words, lets see some finished pictures.


  1. Roof rack looks really good on the Mini. The pictures show it off nicely. Good job!
    Your Folks

  2. Do you mind mentioning how much it cost? I am interested in one as well.

  3. Sure Terry, roughly speaking it was about $400 for the rack and another $50 for shipping up to Oregon. A very good deal when you consider the rack is a handmade creation and an off-the-shelf Yakima basket and hardware is $550+.

  4. Hi, I just ordered one of these racks for my '65 Morris Cooper S - going off of the dimensions you gave Pedro. I did take a few measurements of each spot shown in the photo above (which is the same one Pedro e-mailed me), and they seemed to be pretty close. The width ones are the most challenging to measure. I tried hanging washers off of a 2x4 (like plumb-bobs)at rain gutter width and measuring between the strings, but even this is difficult to repeat with exact accuracy.

    Now that you have your rack, were there any dimensions you would have changed, or did it fit perfectly?

    Craig M

  5. Craig, I have to sincerely apologize, but I'm sure this response will not come in a timely fashion. I don't watch my blog comments nearly enough and obviously it's been a bit unattended in terms of new posts.

    However and for posterity, I had to do a little bit of adjustment to the legs. Just some very gentle bending (which Pedro probably walked you through) was all it took to fit perfectly.

    So I think the dimensions were spot on, but variations in the manufacturing process probably yielded some differences.

    1. Thanks Aaron. I picked up my rack from Greyhound yesterday and it actually fit perfectly right out of the box! The only adjustments I had to make were slight bending of the coated hooks so they would fit under the edge of the rain gutters. Mine sits probably 2" further forward than yours, which I don't mind. I know that if I spread out the legs 1/4" or so, that would allow me to move it back if I decide I want it centered on the roof. For right now, I'm enjoying the quality workmanship and retro enhancement that it adds to my car - and I'm excited to use the rack for an upcoming camping trip and British car show.

    2. Great to hear Craig!

      I think the best part about his racks are that they're not just fantastic looking, but are 100% functional.

      I think the adjustment I did was probably just under a 1/4" inch on each side of the middle leg. I was pretty nervous, but it turned out perfectly.

      I'd love to see some pictures if you have any online.

  6. Thanks for the info Aaron. I finally got around to taking some photos today.

    1. Craig, that looks fantastic! Especially good on your car because of how clean and straight it is. Not to mention that blue is one of my favorites (would that it could be my color, but green is what she is).

  7. Hey, I don't suppose you have any recent contact information for Pedro? His website is no longer available but this is exactly what i'm after for my classic mini!