Saturday, December 25, 2010

Closing Out the Year

As we close out this most eventful year I must reflect on the progress made on the Mini with a touch of disappointment. I really didn't attack anything else of much substance although I did learn how to adjust the valves and also replaced the fuel filter, again.

Again because the new fuel filter that I installed earlier this year, a K&N model, ended up nearly melting. This as you can imagine was rather alarming. I really have never had a problem with their products before so this was unexpected. I did contact K&N about the issue and they offered to send out a replacement, but I simply opted to use a filter made by Wix which hasn't exhibited the same issues.

Other than that there has been two new additions to my Family, but neither of them will fit in the Mini yet.

L to R: Alex and Will

I bring you Alexander and Will. My boys.

They're still working on how to activate the Wonder Twin powers.

2010 Woodburn Dragstrip (definitely NOT racing)
One last shot of the Mini taken this year while visiting some friends at Woodburn Dragstrip late in the summer. The fellow at the ticket booth actually suggested that I should take the Mini on a few runs which was good for a laugh and probably would have ticked off more than a few serious competitors who could have put in at least two runs in the time it took for my little Mini to fling itself down the quarter mile.

Next year the plan is to start restoring the various subsystems in the car. Fuel capacity and delivery and subframe and suspension being two I'm thinking of. With the instant family in full effect I expect I'll have to manage my expectations, but I do expect a few things will get done at very least.

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